The art focuses mainly on the human form from many different perspectives, from classical representational technique to abstraction, using a juxtaposition of vivid colour, tone, shape, form and brush stroke to create a powerful narrative of paradox; abstract and realistic, edgy and sensitive, violent and melancholic, physically intense and aesthetically removed.


The ambiguity of the complex plurality is at the essence of the work. Many of the paintings at first appear impenetrable, but it is their ambiguity that gives them their power, at the edge of the unknown mirroring the interface of human consciousness and unconscious dream.


There is a deep interest in the primitive self, exploring the boundary between imagination and consciousness of the human condition through ‘abstraction of thought’– ‘I like going into the unknown and painting what I don’t know’. This is a voyage of discovery, creating powerful images with an extremely individualistic and distinct artistic identity. This is a fundamental virtue in these works, simple, but deeply profound. A narrative lies beneath the layers of paint. Art is by definition ambiguous, science is not.


Saracen, moon and wind 70 x 110 cm